Windmill Gardens loves good bugs

Recently we asked our Grower, Benjamin Degoede, about what we are doing to contribute to growing healthy, happy plants for our consumers in regards to pesticides and the quest for more natural solutions.

Here is what he had to say on the subject:

Bio Control, what is it?

We use biological cotrols on our plants here at the Windmill as well as in our wholesale production. Essentially we stribe to use organic and sustainable solutions and related pesticides to produce all of our crops.

Pesticides are bad though?

No it’s just a word. We use good bugs to eat bad bugs and use organic spray applications when needed.

  • We wanted to make our store and workplace safe for not only the customers but our employees as well, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

  • More economical, we have reduced our spraying by 60%

  • We are not an organic grower. We are organically grown harmful pesticide free……

  • Safe for our friends, families and pets



Tell us about 'good bugs'...
Our good bugs eat aphids, thrips, fungas gnats, spider mites …… the list goes on 
The good bugs are found in nature and are introduced year round!

Not much! We are going into our third year doing this, yet it is something new and different every year! The most rewarding aspect of the whole program is the positive environmental impact we are providing for everyone involved (plants + humans)
To us this is a lifelong mission for the everything we grow in our greenhouses.

Provide the highest quality grown products with the least amount of environmental impact year round!

Here is a basic breakdown of what we are doing!

Here are some professional companies we order our bugs from and look for advice!


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