Roses in Summer

Roses are a favorite plant in almost every garden. Hardy and colorful, they keep blooming through the summer (with a little pruning) and return year after year. Some people have roses in their yards that have been growing for 100 years or more! Roses require little care, but following these tips will help your roses to look their best, produce more blooms and survive our often hot and dry summers.

Water & Mulch Them
Summer usually means hot, dry weather, and roses will need watering to keep them blooming. In most gardens, give them a deep soaking (to a depth of 10 to 12 inches) every two weeks. Avoid
getting the foliage wet, as this may increase disease problems. Watering in the morning will reduce evaporation and allow the foliage to dry during the day. A mulch of wood chips, shredded bark or pine needles will conserve moisture and help to control weeds.

Fertilize Them
For maximum benefit, roses should be fertilized three times a year: In early spring after pruning; during the first bloom period; and in mid-to-late July. Do not fertilize after first part of August. Use a general-purpose fertilizer, such as 5-10-5 or 10-10-10.

Deadhead Them
Removing spent flowers will conserve the plant's energy and encourage repeat blooms. When deadheading established roses, cut the stem back to a 5-leaflet leaf, keeping at least two 5-leaflet leaves on each shoot. Be sure to use sharp tools.

Control Diseases and Insects

Spray your roses through the summer months to control insects and diseases. Sprays that include an insecticide and fungicide, are available in garden centers and nurseries, including Windmill Gardens. Disease problems are most severe during periods of rainy weather. Apply fungicides before symptoms appear and reapply as directed on the label.


Pictured: Cinco de Mayo Floribunda Rose. Fruity scented repeat bloomer. Look for Sales in the nursery on Roses August through September.


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