Plant a Taste of Spring- Bulb Lasagna


Get Digging…Still Thyme for a Bulb Lasagna

Ben deGoede CPH Fall 2015

Fall is quickly fading to winter, but there is still plenty of thyme to consider planting some bulbs if you have not already. Although it is easier to illustrate this method in a container it can also be used as a landscape technique.

To get a dense and flowery spring display layer your bulbs much like we layer the pasta and cheese, meat, etc. in an edible lasagna.

Simply we plant based on the size of the bulb. In our climate the depth we plant most bulbs is 3 times the size/diameter of the bulb. In the case of daffodils, frititaria, alliums that would be as deep as 12-14 inches. Tulips, iris, dwarf narcissus, would be in the 6- 8 inch depth. And small size bulbs such as crocus, anemone, dwarf fritlarea, scilla, and others can be planted as shallow as 2-3 inch.

Now the twist we plant directly on top of each consecutive layer. With the right choices of color, height, bloom time. You can have color from bulbs for several weeks, from February to May!


For an example let’s choose a popular color theme of Purple & Gold. Yes Husky Fans! In a container let’s say a typical 14 inch terra cotta pot about 16 inches deep. Our first deepest layer will be 5 Daffodils “Dutch Master’, with only about 1-2 inches of soil on the bottom of the container, cover the bulbs with additional soil to about 1 inch over the tips of the bulbs, no add your second layer of medium size bulbs. Tulips would be ideal, Use 10 Tulip Attila, a wonderful purple/lavender. This will bloom mid-season and go right along with the daffodils fill the container with soil to about 12-2 inch above the tulip, still leaving room 2- 4 inches for the last layer... For the third and final layer use a mix of crocus. 12-15 Yellow and purple crocus will bloom almost at Bowl time to celebrate your favorite collegiate team.


Wait you are not done. NOW plant on top of all those bulbs. YES you can. Top the container off with 6-8 Purple and yellow pansies to give the container some color all winter long. Believe it you will have 6-7 month of changing color, foliage, and height! An ever changing show you can’t wait to check up on every day. If y9u can’t cook in the kitchen you cook in the garden. Food for the Soul!


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