3 Trees We Love

Made in the Shade:
Three Trees We Love!

When those hot, sunny days sneak up on us here in the Pacific Northwest, a beautiful place to cool off and reflect are something we value. Things that comes to mind are trees, for their texture, beauty and cool shade. While there are many trees that fit that bill, here are three that we particularly love and are available right now!


Tulip trees live up to their name with
spectacular spring blooms that resemble the tulip flower. The leaves are also tulip-shaped and can get up to 8 inches long. In the spring, they boast a beautiful show of yellowish-green-to-orange cupped, fragrant flowers; in the fall watch for a brilliant display of golden foliage. Attractive to pollinating
insects and birds, they are deciduous and will lost their leaves in winter.

LABURNUM VOSSII (Golden Chain Tree)

By far the best variety of laburnum, the hybrid 'Vossi' produce a lavish display of extremely long clusters of yellow flowers in the late spring. Very hardy in our area, they will not require any attention, once established. It also attracts bees and is wind-resistent.
A deciduous tree which has green leaves from March to November, it sheds leaves in late autumn.


One of the most popular ornamental trees, the Katura tree is a wonderful, low maintenance plant. The leaves are multi-toned with shades of pink and green. In fall the heart-shaped leaves turn gold, orange and red before they fall from the tree. Katsura flowers are tiny and white. Slow-growing, Katsuras may take up to 50 years to reach full size. They are not susceptible to many pests and are
basically disease-free.


Tulip Trees. Beautiful blooms in spring. Wonderful yellow fall color.


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