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Roses in Summer

Roses are a favorite plant in almost every garden. Hardy and colorful, they keep blooming through the summer (with a little pruning) and return year after year. Some people have roses in their yards that have been growing for 100 years or more! Roses require little care, but following these tips will help your roses to look their best, produce more blooms and survive our often hot and dry summers.

Water & Mulch Them
Summer usually means hot, dry weather, and roses will need watering to keep them blooming. In most gardens, give them a deep soaking (to a depth of 10 to 12 inches) every two weeks. Avoid
getting the foliage wet, as this may increase disease problems. Watering in the morning will re...

Bulb Bandits

Squirrels and Moles Making You Nuts?

We Can Help!
Protect Your Newly-Planted Bulbs.

Garden critters like deer, squirrels and rabbits can be cute, but they can also wreak havoc in your garden, devouring flowers, veggies and bulbs with reckless abandon. What can be done? There are several methods that may work for you.

Barriers, like screens, fences or chicken wire can help. Sensory deterrents, such as cayenne pepper, human hair, animal urine, eggs and even scented soaps have worked for some. You can also surround your precious cargo with less desirable plants (to pests), such as thorny or stinky things. Some gardeners have had success by letting their dogs act as a security guard.

Yes, there are l...

Mmmmm... Blueberries

Mmmmm...there's nothing better on a warm summer day than fresh, delicious, home-grown blueberries! These little bundles of sweet-tart flavor are the perfect treat in pies, muffins, scones, smoothies, jams or just fresh off the vine. Right now, we have fresh blueberry plants at Windmill Gardens and, as some presidential candidates would say, "they're huuuuuuge!!!" You don't need a big yard to get big returns from just a few blueberry plants, and right now is a great time to plant them to enjoy now and every summer for years to come. But, more than just tasting good, blueberries are also good for your health. Just take a look at some of the things this powerful little berry boasts:


3 Trees We Love

Made in the Shade:
Three Trees We Love!

When those hot, sunny days sneak up on us here in the Pacific Northwest, a beautiful place to cool off and reflect are something we value. Things that comes to mind are trees, for their texture, beauty and cool shade. While there are many trees that fit that bill, here are three that we particularly love and are available right now!


Tulip trees live up to their name with
spectacular spring blooms that resemble the tulip flower. The leaves are also tulip-shaped and can get up to 8 inches long. In the spring, they boast a beautiful show of yellowish-green-to-orange cupped, fragrant flowers; in the fall watch for a brillian...

Fresh Flowers at Windmill Gardens

New Direct Line for Market Flowers (253) 891-7631. We are so excited to bring Fresh American Sourced flowers to the Sumner Valley and surrounding areas!


Made for the Shade

Don't let a shady yard keep you from growing. Windmill Gardens has a lovely selection of perennials that will bring gorgeous color without the benefit of direct sunlight. These hardy plants are low maintenance and dependable—re-blooming year after year after year. Perennials boast bright blooms, interesting foliage and a unique texture that will add interest to any shade garden.

Here are a couple of our favorites!


The fuchsia flower is both exotic and beautiful, with striking two-tone colors. The delicate flowers have a unique shape that fans find both unusual and pleasing. Fuchsias work great just about anywhere in your landscape, but are especially impressive in hanging baskets...

Adventuring with Tomatillos

Feeling a little adventurous this season? Perhaps it’s time to try the tomatillo (toh-m uh-TEE-oh), the green tomato in a husk. Grown all over the western hemisphere, and very popular in Texas gardens, the tomatillo is gaining popularity in our area as well. Not only is it a staple of Mexican cooking, but it also looks fabulous in your garden! The fruit, when hanging on the plant, is often described as looking like Chinese lanterns. Not only can the fruit can be eaten after peeling, when left in its husk, it can be used as decoration. How versatile!


Beautifully ornamental tomatillo

When planting tomatillos, treat just like tomatoes. They’ll need staking or caged to keep them tidy...

Windmill Gardens loves good bugs

Recently we asked our Grower, Benjamin Degoede, about what we are doing to contribute to growing healthy, happy plants for our consumers in regards to pesticides and the quest for more natural solutions.

Here is what he had to say on the subject:

Bio Control, what is it?

We use biological cotrols on our plants here at the Windmill as well as in our wholesale production. Essentially we stribe to use organic and sustainable solutions and related pesticides to produce all of our crops.

Pesticides are bad though?

No it’s just a word. We use good bugs to eat bad bugs and use organic spray applications when needed.

  • We wanted to make our store and workplace safe for not only the customers but o...



We have exactly '3' spots left for our last succulent pumpkin class of the season this Saturday at 10 a.m. Follow the link to register.


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