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Canning Jarariums Kids Thyme

Canning Jarariums

Date: Saturday, Sep 27 - 10:00AM

Plant a miniature living world in a canning jar using houseplants and other materials.  Your place might be a desert with succulents or a rain forest full of ferns.  Optional:  bring in a small trinket (1" diam. or smaller) from home to add to your world.  It might be a figurine, a car, or even a decoration to help liven up your scene.  We will talk about why plants enjoy living in terrariums and what they need to stay happy.   

Class Fee: $8.00

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Succulent Pumpkins Frani Gallwas presents

Succulent Pumpkins

Date: Saturday, Oct 4 - 10:00AM

At Windmill Gardens,  Cinderella's pumpkin doesn't turn into a carriage; instead it turns into a succulent piece of art.  Create your own charming table decor by topping a pumpkin with moss, and a colorful array of sedums, succulents, cones, berries, etc.  We will guide you step by step in creating a centerpiece fit for the King's Fall Table.  All supplies included in class.



Class Fee: $29.00

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